Brainstorm Award Nomination

I was nominated by the amazing Hope Chilinda ♥️. She has awesome articles like this one . Check out her blog and follow her. My blog is a personal blog that I started during lockdown as I stayed home. I write about my life experiences for now. Rules Thank the person that nominated youTag... Continue Reading →

A Celebration Of Milestones

I honestly did not like to make a fuss about these wins but hey, I remembered small milestones matter. Celebrating small wins is an important way to track incremental achievements and work toward much larger goals. Plus, it makes one feel good more often. On Friday, I woke up to my afrobloggers badge which signifies... Continue Reading →

About My Previous weekend

Hello reader, how is the second half of the year going so far? Mine is eventful as I still hope for the best ahead. I needed to put this here before this weekend gets in the way, so here it is. From a scientific wedding to closure of our branch to a 'scientific' burial. Never... Continue Reading →

It Has Been GREAT

Hey reader, how are you doing today? Personally, I'm feeling some type of way because this challenge has come to an end. Being a first time participant, I am really happy to have been part of it. It's been great reading all your submissions on becoming (your biological pieces), class sessions, things you wish content... Continue Reading →

In The Same Spirit, Recycled

Recycle on of your old posts and bring it back to life. I considered this , check it out. Honestly, it is not easy being single in this modern life. While everyone is getting into a relationship in just a nick of time, being single and embracing is quite difficult for me lately. Most days... Continue Reading →

Life Changing Event..

In 2008 during my senior four vacation, my cousin called Lydia invited me to watch heaven's gates and hell's flames at watoto church, Kampala. I invited some of my former classmates who I attended with. With fellow vacists 🙈 Almost similar to a scene from the movie left behind, heaven’s gates and hell’s flames was... Continue Reading →

My 5 Special Songs

Five songs and why they are special to me. I have always looked forward to day 19, just to share my what hugs my soul but also, to collect a new playlist from the different blogs. I love music, that is how I escape from the world around me or unwind. God knew I needed... Continue Reading →

The Silent Tear

Share something on grief, loss or healing. A week ago, I went to sleep with disturbing news of Mrs Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo. A lady I neither don't knew in person nor online. The next morning, I was struck by an angelic picture in my browser that forced me to read the story attached to the picture.... Continue Reading →

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